Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Integrative Counselling / Coaching

Counselling is typically a one to one relationship, maybe in couples and sometimes in groups but typically one to one, where one person, the client, meets the therapist to talk about their problems. I am trained in both brief and longer term therapy, which means that I’m skilled in getting to the heart of the issue very quickly and helping you move forward much quicker than some traditional therapies but also skilled in working together longer term when the cause of the pain and upset is more complex.

It’s about you meeting with somebody that you feel comfortable enough to talk to. I will make sure that you feel at ease and will gently guide you to talk openly when you feel ready. 

 Benefits of my approach.

  • We will get to the root of any pain very quickly and you will feel much better even after the first session. For many people this will have been the first time that they have felt comfortable to open up and are really surprised how much comes out that may have been bottled up for years.
  • My approach is to really listen to what you are saying both verbally and through body language to target the areas of blockage and pain very quickly and effectively. I use a variety of approaches within the sessions, really based on what works for you and will bring about change fast.
  • Long lasting change, because we will get to the ‘core’ of what is causing confusion and upset very quickly you will experience long lasting change and feel like the weight has been lifted from you.
  • You will be working with someone who has not just many years counselling experience but many years life experience - I don’t just talk the talk, I have experienced my own personal battles, which I believe have made me an even better counsellor.
  • Sometimes if a client is bringing something that feels so awful, the therapist can actually hold hope for them for the time that is needed so that there is a time that the client can pick up that hope again for himself or herself.
  • The sessions are conducted in a fun and relaxed environment - if you are lucky you will even get to experience my rather terrible drawings !

People are often really anxious about what happens when they come along to counselling. In good counselling you’re always in control, you’re always in control of what you talk about, how you talk about it and what you don’t want to talk about.

When I first meet people that are thinking of counselling, they are often really anxious about counselling. They worry about whether I will think their problems are going to be important enough, or serious enough, and it's essential that you know that your problems are important and you are important.

You can be assured that I’m committed to working with and supporting you every step of the way.

Please use the button below to book a session. Please note that I will contact you back to discuss requirements and to confirm and by selecting the below you are not committed to the session until we have discussed and confirmed (this is for new clients) . Existing clients are free use the below to select a suitable date and time for their next session.

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