I have just finished a five-session course with Neil. I only wished I had taken the plunge 20 years ago. My objective was to tackle problems associated with being overweight, but the benefits far out passed my hopes. I have now risen above some problems associated with my childhood, I find I can cope better with work and stress, I sleep better, and I feel free
— John - Herts
Without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made was to see Neil. We all need help at some point in our lives and if you are struggling with anything the best advice I can give is make that first step and call. Thanks again Neil for giving me the ability to make the most of my life:-)
— Andy - London
I found Neil very welcoming and approachable . He was genuinely concerned about my well being and was extremely knowledgeable in the therapy he offered me. After sessions he would e mail me notes on what we had covered and even now after a year of not seeing him, I feel that I could e mail him if I have any concerns . Neil is a very friendly and understanding person and has made a huge positive impact on my life, for which I am very grateful . I have recommended him to many of my friends .
— Nicky
I would really like to thank you again for all your help. I feel that what I’ve learnt will really help me to change my life. And, change it for the better, I shall :)
— Tony - London
I liked that the sessions didn’t really focus on ‘why’ things had happened to me (which could have made the focus of the sessions on the past, rather than focusing in the present or looking towards the future). In this way, I felt that the sessions had a positive focus. This helped me to adopt a mind set that doesn’t keep looking back at, say, for example, a past relationship. It brought my focus more in the moment at how I am feeling and things that I can shape now. This gave me the ability to make changes much quicker than I expected to :)
— Chris - Harpenden